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PT. Target Kelola Securindo

About Us

PT. Target has fiduciary duty principle in providing services to users. Strictness in this fiduciary duty is impressed upon all security personnel of PT. Target. In performing tasks they will secure the interests of clients as if they are guarding their own properties or interests. Consistant with the application of this fiduciary duty is in line with the working Motto of PT. Target : Disciplined - Honest - Loyal

Background of Security Service

Today, people who wish to have a secure feeling, especially those living in big cities such as Jakarta, have three main needs: food, clothing and shelter, and at present, security is categorized as the fourth requirement. Lately, the necessity to obtain the security increases in line with the restrictions of police personnel and the increase of the crime rate. The existence of security personnel known as the security unit (Satpam) has become a common sight. The qualified security personnel not only have the ability to use force when necessary, but also the capability to settle problems without creating new ones. In order to answer this need, each security guard must have the physical and mental ability to be professional.

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Became the international standard services Security Services Company.


Provide integrated security services form of a solution in resolving problems with the security system and security personnel who have the ability, knowledge and skills in their respective sectors.

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